Attractions in Boston

Paul Revere House
The Paul Revere House is a popular stop in Boston for any visitor with an interest in the American Revolution. Paul Revere is a famous figure in American history for his famous horse ride to warn fellow colonials of incoming British troops. This small wood house gives visitors a glimpse into the Revolutionary era and contains many of Revere's personal belongings. The house is one of the oldest homes in the downtown Boston area. Visitors may tour additional buildings in the immediate area to gain further appreciation for Boston's rich history.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum gives visitors a look into the life of President John F. Kennedy. The museum section of the complex takes visitors on a tour of Kennedy's political career and personal life. Each exhibit includes memorabilia and souvenirs to help bring each display to life. The tour begins with Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign and moves through history to the Cuban Missile Crisis and beyond. The museum also includes displays about the President's famous wife and other family members.

Boston Children's Museum
Although Boston Children's Museum was built with children in mind, there's enough to see to keep adults entertained as well. This museum has been operating for over 90 years, making it the second-oldest children's museum in the United States. Special delights in this museum include a real house from Kyoto, Japan, one of Boston's sister cities. Other exhibits include a construction-themed interactive display, a place for children to make artwork, and an exhibit featuring a basic introduction to science. Babies and toddlers can play in a safe area designed just for them.

Boston Public Garden
The Boston Public Garden is a sweeping oasis in the middle of the city. The Public Garden was the first botanical garden in the United States. This beautiful garden is home to many varieties of gorgeous blooms and trees. Visitors can walk among a collection of art displays dedicated to important people and events in Boston's history. Popular activities at the park include taking a tour of the lagoons via the famous pedal-powered Swan Boats.

Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts is one of America's most prominent art galleries, with over 450,000 art pieces. Many famous paintings by American artists are housed here, including an iconic portrait of President George Washington by Gilbert Stuart. The museum also boasts an expansive range of international works, from ancient Egyptian statues to Chinese scrolls. Additionally, the museum is home to one the largest collections of Japanese art outside of Japan.